1041: Tony Burt of East Imperial: bottling partner enables ​​big ambitions for growth in the US


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Tony Burt CEO & Found of East Imperial #EISB discusses how the appointment of The Lion Brewery as US Bottling Partner will help them achieve their ​​big ambitions for growth in the US, whilst also enabling them to benefit from significant margin and logistical advantages.

East Imperial, the global purveyor of ultra-premium beverages, is pleased to announce the appointment of The Lion Brewery as its US bottling partner. Under the terms of the agreement, The Lion Brewery will bottle East Imperial's entire range, including the award-winning Grapefruit Tonic, Mombasa Ginger Beer and Yuzu Lemonade. Bottling is expected to start in early 2023.
Utilising a US-based bottling partner will enable East Imperial to benefit from significant logistical savings and reduce the capital costs involved in expanding in the fast-growing US market. This will form a key part of East Imperial's margin improvement programme over the coming year. It will also provide East Imperial with the flexibility to react to the needs of the market and scale up quickly as demand continues to grow.
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