1155: Top 5 Most Read RNS's on Vox Markets for Monday 30th January 2023


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Top 5 Most Read RNS's on Vox Markets for Monday 30th January 2023
5. Oriole Resources - Cameroon Exploration Update

During Q4-22, the team completed regolith and lithological mapping (1:15,000 scale) as well as selective rock-chip sampling over outcropping rocks, predominantly quartz veins;
Best results of 134.10, 131.80, 19.44, and 8.26 g/t gold ('Au') were yielded from a north-northeast trending corridor.
4. Gulf Keystone Petroleum #GKP - Operational & Corporate Update

Gross average production in 2023 year to date of c.47,800 bopd
During 2022, GKP received $450 million from the Kurdistan Regional Government (“KRG”) for crude oil sales and repayment of historic revenue arrears
3. Premier African Minerals #PREM - Zulu Assay Results and Pilot Plant Update

These results will constitute a portion of the Mineral Resource update required to support the DFS.
Highlights: Multiple thick high-grade zones intersected & Consistent progress in construction of the Pilot Plant.
2. Supply @ME Capital #SYME - Exercise of Warrants, Issue of Equity and TVR

Holders of Open Offer Warrants have elected to exercise 1,800,019 Open Offer Warrants. Accordingly, the Company will receive £1,170.03 as a result of the exercise.
1. Novacyt #NCYT - DHSC Claim update – Trial date listed

The High Court has notified Novacyt that the hearing of the case between Primer Design Ltd / Novacyt and the DHSC has been listed to commence on 10 June 2024 and is expected to last 16 days.

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