The Pilgrims Society and British-US relationships 1895-1945 with Dr Stephen Bowman


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The Pilgrims Society was an elite dining club which developed an important role in the broader political relationship between the US and Britain in the first half of the twentieth century. Dr Stephen Bowman talking with the CWD's Dr Tom Mills depicts the Pilgrims and their activities as an early form of what we now refer to as public diplomacy.

Dr Stephen Bowman, is a Lecturer in British Political History at Stirling University. Stephen works primarily on political and economic relations between the United States and Great Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and was the winner of the Transatlantic Studies Association's Donald Cameron Watt Prize in 2013. He has published a number of journal articles and in 2018 published his first book, The Pilgrims Society and Public Diplomacy, 1895-1945, which is the topic of the podcast.

'The Pilgrims Society and Public Diplomacy, 1895-1945 - Edinburgh Studies and Anglo-American Relations' by Dr Stephen Bowman, is published by Edinburgh University Press.

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