TWIBS 38 | Aaron Matthews of Creative Fix Audio - The Future of Sound in Branded Entertainment


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Join the TWIBS team of Mike Drysdale and Clare Reid as they interview Aaron Matthews - the founder/creative director of audio content creators Creative Fix - for the second episode of The Week In Brand Storytelling Season 4. On this episode, Aaron provides Spotify’s annual ‘Wrapped’ campaign as his 'call to adventure'. On 'The Trail of Trials' we discuss ClickUp, a groundbreaking coworking suite Aaron can't live without. Finally, at 'the peak of Mt Marketer' Aaron discusses his perspective on what's over (poor quality sound), what's now (short form audio content) and what's next (spatial/3D audio).

Dear Storyteller created “The Week in Brand Storytelling” to give you instant insights into how the world’s best are using the tenants of brand storytelling to bring their marketing campaigns to life. Brand storytelling and branded entertainment are crucial elements in any content marketing strategy. Like everything we produce, we’ve tried to do it in an entertaining and light-hearted way. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for future episodes, drop a comment below!

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Episode Breakdown:
The Call to Adventure (Spotify Wrapped) – 2:54
The Trail of Trials (ClickUp) - 6:28
The Peak of Mt. Marketer (Bad sound, Short-form Audio, Spatial Audio) - 10:00

Links to learn more below!

Spotify Wrapped
Click Up
Tim Heidecker’s Joe Rogan Parody
Hans Zimmer on Spatial Audio
Barbershop Spatial Audio Experience:
Creative Fix’s NZ Tourism Audio Campaign Case Study:

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