TWIBS E39 | Meg Coffey on Ryan Reynolds x Peloton, Twitter + Brand Authenticity


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Join the TWIBS team of Mike Drysdale and Clare Reid as they interview the award-winning social media and digital marketing strategist, Meg Coffey. This episode, Meg provides Ryan Reynold’s x Peloton’s recent ‘And Just Like That’ campaign as an inspiring example of real-time marketing - her Call to Adventure. On The Trail of Trials, we discuss Twitter and the value it holds for networking. Finally, at the Peak of Mt. Marketer, Meg offers her perspective on what's over (blanding), what's now (community/niche/authenticity) and what's next (human touch + customer service/experience).

Episode Breakdown:
The Call to Adventure (Ryan Reynolds x Peloton) – 5:02
The Trail of Trials (Twitter) - 10:58
The Peak of Mt. Marketer (Blanding, Community/Niche/Authenticity, Human Touch + Customer Experience/Service) - 15:40

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