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A Witch is hired by a shady Lord to remove a curse from his land. But as she investigates what caused the curse, she uncovers a terrible secret. Can the Witch remove the curse and keep her soul? The Witch and the Orchard is a dark fantasy, gothic horror story with mystery elements. Picture the Witcher meets Agatha Christie- that's the Witch and the Orchard. Fantasy fans will love this new tale. If you like that we also have; the Witch Chronicles. An anthology series taking place in the world of Teramor- the world of the Witch. In these series, we take a personal look of many different characters in this world as they share their story for all to hear.There's also; Be Afraid of the Dark. A supernatural noir detective thriller with horror elements. It follows a private detective named Damian Asimov who solves crimes and struggles to get by in a grimey city. What makes Damian different however, is that Damian is able to see ghosts- and he uses these ghosts to help him solve crimes. This series is like the Sixth Sense meets the Maltese Falcon, if you love gritty detective stories and spooky ghost stories - you'll love Be Afraid of the Dark.

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