Chauvin Sentenced


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Group of Senators comes out boasting of their bipartisan agreement on infrastructure – now all they have to do is convince the rest of the skeptical Senators to vote for it. Tucker Carlson’s got everyone pissed off at him after he attacked Gen. Milley, calling him a pig, stupid, and unimpressive over his CRT comments. Mark Levin isn’t very happy that Tucker Carlson has been squealing to the enemy media about all of them. Donald Trump reportedly wanted the military to “beat the f**k out of George Floyd protestors.” Sheldon Whitehouse’s private beach club in Rhode Island just might be “white’s only.”

Derek Chauvin to be sentenced in the death of George Floyd. Supreme Court rules against union recruiting on California farms. They seemed like Democratic activists – they were secretly conservative spies. A New Jersey valedictorian was cut off during a graduation speech on LGBTQ identity and mental health. Rudy Giuliani says he was suspended from practicing law in New York because he was so effective at arguing Trump’s election fraud claims.

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