Melting Mountains


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Roads buckle as record-setting heatwave grips Pacific Northwest. The delta variant is forcing officials to rethink COVID-19 measures, even for the vaccinated. Demolition in an East Jerusalem neighborhood heightens tensions in the city. Supreme Court gives victory to a transgender student who sued to use the bathroom. A contractor reportedly took troubling photos of damage at Surfside Condo – 36 hours before it collapsed. Tucker Carlson claims the NSA is spying on him to cancel his Fox News show. A teen was having car trouble – a sheriff’s deputy shot and killed him. White supremacy is the leading form of terrorism in America, and Rep. Paul Gosar is reportedly taking part in fundraisers with a prominent one, Nick Fuentes. “I will die on this hill!” Meghan McCain denounces Olympian Gwen Berry’s protest as “not appropriate or patriotic.” Don Jr. is blitzing so hard, he’s changing his name to Mike Singletary.

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