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Mitch McConnell opposes the voting measure sought by Joe Manchin. The GOP filibusters a paycheck fairness bill that would help close the gender pay gap, while Manchin declares, “I am disappointed the Senate was unable to pass this much needed legislation.” Lindsey Graham says his family members aren’t working because of unemployment benefits. Peru elections: Fujimori’s fraud claims criticized as rival’s narrow lead widens. A Pennsylvania man pulled a scam impersonating Trump family members to promote himself and collect donations from Trumpers – now he’s facing charges.

White House ‘perplexed’ by Kamala Harris performance on first foreign policy trip. Biden’s DOJ has declared they can vigorously defend Christian schools’ right to discriminate against LGBTQ students while still receiving federal funds. Biden’s Justice Department seeks to defend Trump in suit over rape denial. A professor shared a video of cops’ strip searching a black teen – now he faces jail. Louie Gohmert asks if the Bureau of Land Management or the Forest Service can change the rotation of the moon or sun.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian

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