Off the Cheney


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Another blow to the working people during the pandemic: States snatching back tax refunds. What’s the price of an uncleaned hotel room? Liz Cheney calls Kevin McCarthy despicable, disgraceful, and should not be Speaker after the latest January 6th committee nonsense. The FBI said some of the 4,500 tips it received about Justice Brett Kavanaugh were given to the Trump White House, leading some Democrats to call the process a sham. Another anti-vaxxer dies, making his wife publicly plead for people to get vaccinated. Meet the young adults sneaking behind their parents’ backs to get vaccinated. Charlie Kirk engages in insane speculation that more than a million people have died from vaccines. The Matt Gaetz-Marjorie Taylor Greene fundraising tour is actually a cash fire. A homophobe’s vile Disney rant sees her kicked off a plane. A Detroit woman drags a man by his dreadlocks after tracking down a stolen Benz.

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