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Hillary Clinton-endorsed candidate Shontel Brown faces a potential ethics probe. As the Senate agrees to the bipartisan infrastructure deal, Kyrsten Sinema comes out against the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. Joe Manchin is ghosting the West Virginia union workers whose jobs his daughter helped outsource. Turns out Mo Brooks was wearing body armor to Trump’s very peaceful January 6th Rally. A town in Oregon has absolutely no water as wells dry up. Nancy Pelosi steps in front of Biden to claim he doesn’t have the power to cancel student loans, it would be an act of Congress. Sen. John Kennedy berated a nominee for the Justice Department by angrily asking him if he believes in God. Chris Cuomo’s interview with an anti-vaccine restaurant owner flies off the rails. Meghan McCain calls the CDC stupid over re-upped mask guidance. Meet the dommes who are demanding that their submissives get vaccinated.

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