Theatre Schmooze: Space and Place - Season 2, Episode 4 with Maya Arad-Yasur


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"Space and Place" (Season 2, Episode 4) dropped on Friday, May 20 with our twelfth guest: Maya Arad-Yasur (Amsterdam, Suspended, God Waits at the Station), a playwright based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Tune in as Maya and Danielle discuss Jewishness and theatrical identity, the process for creating Maya's plays, and discoveries made by different companies that perform Maya's work worldwide.

Theatre Schmooze, an all-new, monthly podcast from Alliance for Jewish Theatre where we chat with Jewish theatre makers from around the world about their art, Judaism, and vision for theater’s future.

Hosted by Danielle Levsky (AJT Board Member, writer, clown, performer, educator, producer, and theatre journalist), Theatre Schmooze will feature one-on-one conversations with artists that will illuminate the heart, soul, and diversity of contemporary Jewish theatre.

Theatre Schmooze is an Alliance for Jewish Theatre program, produced by Danny Debner and Danielle Levsky. Our theme music is by Ilya Levinson and Alex Koffman, and our logo was created by Michelle Shapiro.

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