Episode 1: What Being Brazilian Means to Me


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“For someone on the outside, it may look easy. You know, samba, beaches, fit people dancing samba on beaches… that kind of stuff. But Brazil is way more multifaceted than that.”

-Italo André (Letras Português/Alemão, UFC)

“I come up with two conclusions. The first one is that we have real problems to solve. The second one is that we can do it. Put our problems and our potential together and you will see that we can make it. We can make this country better.”

-Pedro Ítalo (Civil Engineering, UFC)

The idea of this blog first came about while I was home over break. While I knew that I wanted to continue some activities on campus (like conversation club, office hours, etc.), I also wanted to try some new things. Around this same time, I also started listening to NPR’s Serial. And that was it… the idea of a UFC podcast was born. This first podcast is several weeks in the making! For over a month now, the students and I have sat and brainstormed topics, talked about format, and simply tried to get things going. Now, you can see (or hear) those efforts for yourself. Throughout the next six months,we hope to explore a variety of topics related to Brazilian life including university life, nightlife and leisure time, sexuality, gender roles, and childhood memories, among others. But, to start of the podcast, we felt we should start with a topic close to our hearts: what being Brazilian means to our team members. Check it out for yourself and keep an eye out for next week’s podcast on University Life in Brazil




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