Episode 4: Social Disparities at Universities in Brazil


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This week, we’ll be hearing from Pedro Ítalo (Engineering, UFC), Rubia (Architecture, UNIFOR/Technical Construction, IFCE), Mauro (Law, UFC/Portuguese and English, UFC), and Douglas (History, UFC). These four students offer a unique look at social class disparities at universities through comparisons of different majors and comparisons of public and private institutions.

One thing you’ll notice about this week’s audio is that everyone seemed to end with a question to you, our audience. We swear that wasn’t intentional. But, it’s because we want your feedback. If you’re a Brazilian listener, what do you think? Do you think the things are students mention relate to what you see at your universities? International listeners, does this sound like your country? What do you think? We welcome all feedback here on the blog, or you can choose to email us at thisbrazilianlife@gmail.com


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