This is Democracy – Episode 203: Policing and Race in America


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This week, Jeremi and Zachary are joined by Professor Vida Johnson to discuss policing in America and the types of checks and balances required by a justice system.

Zachary sets the scene with his poem: "Prayer of the Unjustly Imprisoned"

Vida Johnson is an associate professor of law at Georgetown University. Prior to joining Georgetown, she was a supervising attorney in the Trial Division at the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (PDS), where she worked for eight years. At PDS Ms. Johnson was assigned to the most serious cases at the “Felony One” level, and her experience included numerous trials in D.C. Superior Court representing indigent clients facing charges including homicide, sexual assault, and armed offenses. Ms. Johnson’s responsibilities at PDS also included supervising other trial attorneys and serving as one of the agency’s two representatives to the D.C. Superior Court Sentencing Guidelines Commission. She recently published "Policing and the Siege of the United States Capitol” in Lawfare (16 June 2022):

Policing and the Siege of the United States Capitol.

This episode was mixed and mastered by Karoline Pfeil.

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