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Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Registered Dietician Nutritionist, Tamar Samuels.

Tamar’s unique and holistic approach to healthcare integrates functional medicine, positive psychology, and behavioral change techniques pulled from her training in clinical nutrition and coaching science. Tamar has her Masters in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach She is also the co-founder of Culina Health.

"I think nutrition can be intimidating and confusing for people. It's multifaceted and isn't just about food for people. It's about culture, shared experiences, coping, celebrating, creativity, and health. Ultimately, I keep all of these things in mind when talking to clients about food. My message always goes back to science-based education, providing easy and sustainable tools for making positive changes, and making nutrition and wellness relatable to everyone." - Tamar Samuels,

Points covered in this episode:

  • Coventina - Purification came up to support our conversation today.
  • How to know it’s time to partner with a Nutritionist.
  • How to shift health behaviors through positive psychology and neuroscience: mindset, consistent habits, maintaining motivation, and goal setting.
  • The benefits of personalized and functional medicine.
  • How functional medicine can help women navigate menopause.

You can find Tamar on Instagram here and Culina Health on Instagram here. Tamar has been featured in Huffington Post, Byrdie, Hello Giggles and more. In addition, Well + Good named her one of the top holistic nutritionists in New York City and SHAPE listed her as one of the top black nutritionists and dieticians to follow. Learn more about Tamar Samuels and schedule a free consultation with one of her board-certified dieticians at Culina Health

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