65: Do It Like an Inuit, Alpacas Are Having a Moment, and Kidnapping Questions


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Back and fully vaxxed!
On today's show:

  • Zoom interview attire?
  • Number 1 in vaxxing
  • Colleges to require vaxxing
  • New Burlington budget and predictions of who will be angry
  • Oh wow, a living wage
  • hard to find rentals in Burlington
  • Electric bikes will pedal for you
  • Vermont religious schools cannot discriminate
  • North End Studios perv gets lease terminated
  • A new crazy southern Vermont millionaire emerges
  • Alpacas
  • Sunflowers and hemp saving the soil
  • What is a fire district
  • Let them have their ATVs!
  • Essex board insults public
  • Rutland board member is a liar
  • Moose lodge gets female leader
  • Hunter in a wheelchair
  • Scumbag map
  • 31 cats rescued(?)
  • Lab animals get forever homes
  • Why do we like some dogs?
  • America's favorite sandwiches
  • Best sitcoms of all time
  • Primal eaters
  • Pie thoughts

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