69: The Calvin Coolidge Museum, This Chocolate Tastes Like a Hippy, and Chelsea Vigilante Justice


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An early Friday show to kick the weekend off right.
On today's show:

  • Matt and Glo's trip to Brattleboro and Wilmington
  • Calvin Coolidge museum
  • Masks are coming off
  • New vax incentives
  • Pandemic turnover
  • curbside alcohol is here to stay
  • Phil Scott vetoes all-citizen voting
  • Hosuing options worsen in the pandemic (duh)
  • Hm, where should we put this high school?
  • Students join some city boards
  • Critical race theory is misunderstood
  • Irasburg asphalt plant concerns
  • Indigenous children's bodies found in Canada
  • Cannabis board
  • Fire chief can't staff his crew
  • Police are reduced in Brattleboro
  • Chelsea finds vigilante justice
  • The Worst person in Vermont
  • $530 speeding ticket
  • Rutland finds Pride
  • Waitsfield bridge damaged
  • Albany general store reopens...and they got a fryer
  • Scumbag map
  • Tunnels for snakes
  • Stowe pinnacle dog is ok
  • Dogs have an innate ability
  • Update on Canadian wildlife parts smuggler
  • Dinosaur misinformation
  • Don't trust the GPS

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Intro/Outro Music by B-Complex
1st Break Music: Illu and Drive – U Had Me
2nd Break Music: The Young Love Scene – California’s Alright

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