71: Rage Piles, Juneteenth, and One Less Rhino Poacher


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Another beautiful Sunday morning in Vermont. Sometimes its easy to forget how lucky we are.
On this week's show:

  • Piles of rage and corporate speak
  • Dog sits and COVID longing
  • Juneteenth - how do we celebrate?
  • Critical Race Theory is not the terror you think it is
  • Saint Albans black face
  • Vermont budget
  • Post pandemic housing issues
  • CityPlace beef
  • Vermont theaters struggling
  • Need a vax to visit prisons and the few states with conjugal visits
  • CCV to not require a vaccination
  • Creepy doctor sued again for illicit siring
  • More refugees to Brattleboro (hopefully)
  • Let's decriminalize hallucinogens
  • Winooski's only black high school teacher resigns
  • Montpelier toilet committee
  • New 9-story building in Burlington
  • Bellow's Falls has an island - who knew?
  • Trees planted
  • Church demolished
  • Can we call it Susanna's Brook?
  • Scumbag map
  • Portugal - Vermont message in a bottle
  • Rhino poacher gets got
  • Crows understand nothing
  • States with most postal worker dog bites
  • Most diverse counties in Vermont
  • Should Jeff Bezos eat the Mona Lisa?

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