72: Only Big Talk, Unreasonable Noise, and the Birds and the Bees (are dying)


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An early morning show. Hey, what's that in your coffee? .... Adam tried to get cute with his audio, and it has been deleted forever apparently. That means it is difficult to hear him, but hey, maybe some people prefer that. Sigh...off to throw the laptop in Lake Champlain....

  • Good coffee buzz
  • South Burlington cairns
  • Unemployment dips
  • All-resident voting
  • Clemmons Farm owner gets discriminated against
  • Backlash against Brandon students pride
  • OneCare ain't cutting it
  • Gov. Scott opposes rental registry because of course
  • Canadian border getting a little loose
  • Vermont is 4th in child well-being

Break 1 - Kevin Lewis - What Happened . More music here

  • Koffee Kup update
  • Creepy UVMMC voyeur doctor
  • DMV....praise?
  • Vermont Olympians
  • Can't give away money in Fair Haven

Break 2 - RIP Gift of Gab - Blackalicious - Clockwork

  • Scumbag Map
  • Vermont Bees
  • Mysterious bird deaths
  • Birds aren't real rallies
  • Elf ears / buccal surgery
  • Barcode trivia

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Intro/Outro Music by B-Complex

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