40. Beyond commerce: Working on technology that benefits society


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We have all dreamt of doing projects that benefit society at large, without having profit as the sole motive. What would such a job look like? And how would you go about finding it? We talk to Denny George, an engineer who has been applying his technical skills to civic causes for many years.

Denny is the Co-Founder and Product Engineer at Tattle Inc, where he builds tools and datasets that help fight misinformation in India. Before Tattle, Denny built an app that let US residents manage their interactions with law enforcement agencies. He also built an app for non-unionized workers of Walmart to be more aware of their rights as workers.
Denny's LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/denny-george-4097bb33/

Mentioned in the episode

1. Civic Tech - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civic_technology

2. Tattle - https://tattle.co.in/

3. MigraCam app - https://www.aclutx.org/en/migracam

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11. Civic Hall of New York - https://civichall.org/

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