10. Robots everywhere! Robotics and AI in ITSM, with Mauricio Corona from BP Gurus


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Trend or fad? Mauricio Corona (BP Gurus) has been following AI uses throughout the world, from Mexico to the Middle East. He bedazzles audiences by showing how humanoids can provide service, including in the ITSM industry. In this talk with Matt, he shares global trends on ITSM, enabling products and services using artificial intelligence, and implementing robots as part of an omnichannel communication strategy.

Mauricio Corona travels around the world bringing service management and business maturity to many countries while collecting experiences of the use of AI and robotics. He's the Chairman and Owner of BP Gurus, an active SDI Chief Transformation Officer, board member at ACIS_IT, Head of AI graduate programs at Universidad La Salle (Mexico), and Professor at Actuarial Science Faculty STEM Anahuac (Mexico).

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