Interveiw w/ the CEO of SYMBYX Biome Dr Wayne Markman


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Dr Wayne Markman is the CEO of the Sydney-based healthcare company, SYMBYX Biome, which he co-founded in 2019 to develop medical laser therapies. As a board-registered, qualified Doctor of Chiropractic, Wayne worked for 15 years as an investment banker in North and South America, UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific, leading large client teams on complex cross-border M&A transactions in the consumer and healthcare industries. With an MBA from Harvard Business School and degree in Economics from Macalester College, Wayne’s passion to make a positive difference in non-pharmaceutical healthcare, propelled him to take further studies and retrain as a Chiropractor. He graduated from Macquarie University as a Doctor of Chiropractic, and practised for several years before founding SYMBYX. At SYMBYX Wayne is building and leading a growing team of scientists, clinicians, manufacturing partners and marketing personnel across Canada, Sweden, Portugal, Scotland, England and Australia. With his global business experience, proven record of leading high functioning teams, strong communication and financial skills, and passion for scientific detail and innovation Wayne is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker who loves bridging the gap between science, health and commerce. He is adept at communicating complex processes, especially around the gut microbiome and gut-brain axis, but also how photobiomodulation works to alleviate symptoms, in plain English. He also shares a personal connection to Parkinson’s with both a Grandfather, Aunt and Father in Law who endured the disease for many years - a condition without any major drug innovation for over 60 years. Wayne grew up in South Africa, emigrated the day after he finished high school and moved to the US on a collegiate soccer scholarship. He brings an intensity and drive to SYMBYX’s work in the emerging field of photobiomodulation to bring real change to patient’s lives and loves meeting with SYMBYX customers all over the world. Dr Markman has appeared on 2GB, AusBiz, in newspaper articles in the AFR, Australian and AAAP titles, and in the last 6 months SYMBYX has featured on Channel 7 and 9 News and Channel 7’s House of Wellness program. Wayne is married with 3 grown children and lives in Sydney. He loves tennis, pilates and speaks English, Dutch, Hebrew and basic Spanish Website: Instagram: @symbyx Tiktok: symbyxbiome Facebook:@symbyxbiome Linkedin: SYMBYX Biome Youtube: SYMBYX Biome **PODCAST CREDITS Intro by Audrey Callahan. Podcast Sponsor JustQ Solutions --- Send in a voice message:

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