TrouperCast | Priya Muthakumar | Storipur| S1 E5


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This is episode 5 of TrouperCast, your one-stop-shop on all things education and the arts. I am Jeremy Solomon and with me today is Priya Muthukumar.

Priya is an obsessive learner, a book -lover, a mother of a teen, and a passionate storyteller who delights in the simple pleasures of life. She is the founder of the storytelling company, Storipur based in Bengaluru. She tells stories of all kinds from different places to across age groups. She's been telling stories in railway stations, parks, literature festivals, corporate offices, schools, and colleges, to name a few.

She strongly believes that sharing relevant stories is important, as stories can mold & reshape mindsets.

Join us as we discuss, among other things, stories in education, Integration, sustainability stories, and stories across cultures

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