The Evansdale Murders - Ten Years Later /// Part 2 /// 596


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The Evansdale Murders - Ten Years Later /// Part 2 /// 596

Part 2 of 2

What could be more innocent, more everyday America, than two little girls setting off on a bike ride to explore the neighborhood? Something they had done countless times before. Except this time, they did not come home. This week we re-visit the still unsolved double murder case of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Colins. We covered this case for the first time over two years ago and with the unfortunate ten year anniversary since these two wonderful and bright little girls were taken we felt compelled to give this another look and hope for some renewed interest and awareness of this still unsolved case. This case has been compared to the Delphi case countless times as there are many similarities. Just like the Delphi case someone knows something. If you have any information about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and deaths of Lyric Cook-Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins, please call theEvansdale Policetip line at 232-6682 orCedar Valley Crime Stoppersat 855-300-8477. A $150,000 reward, raised privately and by the FBI, is available for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

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