Episode 19: Shadow Work, Personal Growth, Freedom, and Masculinity with Tom Barnett


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Tom Barnett's Story

Tom Barnett was thrust into the social media spotlight after filming and sharing a popular online video, "Can You Catch A Virus?" during the early days of the coronavirus scamdemic. Attracting views from supporters and skeptics alike, the video was censored from YouTube (like many "alternative" viewpoints currently are) amidst the push to have all of us adhere to the "official narrative" and stop asking inconvenient questions.

Tom is a thinker, question-asker, and man who thrives on pursuing growth and expansion in his personal and professional life. He encourages us all to go within and pursue a life based on joy, logic, reason, and evidence.

You'll Learn:

  • The power of silent rallies
  • About creating your life from a place of stillness
  • What embodied spirituality looks like
  • Why it's crucial to know exactly what you really want and the power of having a big "Why"
  • How men and women are manipulated to war with each other
  • Why most people aren't ready for real freedom yet
  • Why the feminine is crucial in humanity moving forwards
  • What healthy masculinity looks like
  • The dangerous effects of suppressing aspects of the masculine
  • Tom's thoughts on shadow work...

...and much, much more.

This episode was in many ways a breath of fresh air and a fun - yet thought-provoking - detour away from the Big Picture discussion into the gritty, pixellated textures of the personal sphere.

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Thanks in advance for supporting the nascent emergence of deep human self-awareness - and the peace, truth, and beauty this will bring humanity.

Special Guest: Tom Barnett.


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