Fertilizer prices and supply chain issues


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In this episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast, we discuss fertilizer prices and supply chain issues. Extension educator Brad Carlson is joined by: Jim Carlson, Vice President of Agronomy at United Farmer's Co-op in Winthrop, Minnesota; Russ Quinn, ag market reporter for DTN/The Progressive Farmer and a farmer in eastern Nebraska; and Josh Linville, Director of Fertilizer at StoneX Financial.

  • Where are fertilizer prices right now and how do they compare to the recent past?
  • Why are fertilizer prices so high right now?
  • What are price ratios and why is this an important metric to watch?
  • How are farmers reacting to the high prices and fertilizer availability concerns?
  • What should growers be thinking about in terms of fertilizer purchasing decisions and nutrient management planning this fall and next spring?
Thank you to Minnesota's Agricultural Fertilizer Research and Education Council (AFREC) for supporting the podcast.

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