Essential Structures, Permission to be Ourselves, and Cognitive Memory Collections EP 115


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Today’s guest Jennifer Raphael tells a story so many of us with ADHD can relate to – that we discovered our diagnoses through our children.

We discuss how we can be here even more for our clients because we have brain-based challenges ourselves. We explored Jen’s take on Essential Structures and their importance to the mind that struggles with some challenges. She describes them as table legs – what’s going to support your table for your day to day?

You’ll be delighted by Jen’s approach to the world of ADHD and human being’s brains. Stay tuned for a lively discussion of neuroplasticity and cognitive memory collections.


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Jennifer Raphael loves helping people live their best lives and believes it is possible to thrive with the right tools & supports at every stage of life.

She is a professional organizer and productivity specialist, a trained coach, & worked in health care as a nurse for many years.

She brings a lifetime of experience, a sense of humor, and a passion for empowering individuals & families navigating life transitions and the challenges of ADHD and other brain based conditions.

Jennifer Raphael is an RN, a CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer), a graduate of Coach Approach Training Institute for Applied Coaching (CAT- IAC), and is an active member of NAPO, ICD, ACO, CHADD, & ADDA. She founded Less-Stress Organizing Solutions® in 2013.

Website: Less Stress Organizing Solutions

Book: The First Year is the Hardest

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