SeaWorld Christmas with Terry Prather - Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast Episode 14


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We are back with Episode 14 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, where we take you inside the incredible Christmas offerings at SeaWorld Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio. We also share breaking news about the show pool at Shamu Stadium in Orlando closing for the first few months of 2014 while they refurbish it, then we talk about the Killer Whale Calf born in San Antonio.

We talk to the President of SeaWorld Orlando Terry Prather about what the Christmas experience is at SeaWorld Orlando, and we ask him what his favorite part is!

We also talk to the Director of Animal Training Kelly Flaherty Clark about the new upclose Shamu Experience that will take place while the show pool at Shamu Stadium is closed, and what guests can expect, and why you should plan a visit to SeaWorld Orlando to experience this unique and limited time experience.

Erin also brings us a special Animal Spotlight for the holidays as she shares the differences between Polar Bears and Penguins, then we talk about what you can expect if you attened the Unofficial SeaWorld Super Fan meet up brought to you by MiceChat on December 15th, 2013.

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Have a Whale of a Day!

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