SeaWorld Podcast 35 - Bindi Irwin talks about Generation Nature and Clay Carbajal


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Welcome to episode 35 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcat. In this episode your hosts Eric, Mike and Erin take you to al 3 SeaWorld parks where amazing things are happening.

Eric takes you live on location to Disocvery Cove in Orlando, where he sits down with the world famous Bindi Irwin to talk about Generation Nautre and Wild Days. Bindi Irwin has been on a whirlwind world tour going to SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld San Antonio where she is hosting shows about her amazing conservation program Generation Nature.

Bindi shares with us what we can do right now to help wildlife in need. Will you decide to join Bindi Irwin and become a Game Changer?

Erin then takes you live on location at SeaWorld San Antonio, where she sits down with SeaWorld Animal Ambassador Clay Carbajal where they talk about Wild Days at SeaWorld San Antonio and what it is like hosting your own show at SeaWorld along with some of the amazing animals guests can come face to face with at SeaWorld San Antonio during Wild Days.

Mike brings you a brand new SeaWorld Busch Gardens conservation fund about efforst Seaworld has in Austrailia.

Erin brings you a new Animal Spotlight on Sea Turtles.

The episode wraps up with a lively debate over which new SeaWorld baby animal is cutest? Who do you agree with Eric, Mike or Erin?

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Thank you for diving in!

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