SeaWorld Podcast 36 - Sea Lion High - Manatee Rescues and more


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In this epsidoe we have news from all 3 SeaWorld parks. We talk about the Sea Lion High preview at SeaWorld Orlando giving us a look at what they new Sea Lion show will look like at SeaWorld Orlando and San Diego when the new show debuts this spring and summer.

We also talk about the amazing manatee resuce of 19 manatees in Florida by SeaWorld Orlando rescue team, Florida Fish and Wildlife and more.

We also talk about SeaWorld's 4th quarter earnings and the exciting future for all 3 SeaWorld parks.

We then talk about Praise Wave at SeaWorld Orlando and we talk about Wild Days at SeaWorld San Antonio. Erin sat down with Maggie a conservationist who was at Wild Days and is game changer.

Mike brings us a brand new conservation fund spotlight.

Erin brings us a new animal spotlight.

Then Eric, Erin and Mike have a SeaWorld roundtable where they debate conservatin issues and iniatitves with river dolphins around the world and what we can do to help these critically endangered animals.

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