SeaWorld Podcast 39 - Blue World at the Californian Coastal Commission and Interview with Rich Phillips Author of Orcastration


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Welcome back to episode 39 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast. in this episode your hosts Eric & Mike along with guest host Andrew talk about the California Coastal Commission meeting and the Blue World Project at SeaWorld.

Eric, Mike and Andrew hold a round table discussion as they discuss the various options for SeaWorld San Diego along with the bright future of the SeaWorld Parks.

Eric, Mike and Andrew also talk about the upcoming announcement party on November 9th where the new SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby will reveal SeaWorld's new strategy along with new attractions and things that SeaWorld fans can get excited about for the future.

Eric then sits down to talk to former SeaWorld trainer Rich Phillips about his new book Orcastration, a book that helps you bring the power of positive reinforcement into your daily life.

Eric and Rich talk about the early days at SeaWorld, the history of positive reinforcement at Seaworld parks and how you can bring positive intentions and positive reinforcement into your daily life!

You can order the book now at

The book by Rich Phillips is a must have for anyone who is looking to learn some of the history of SeaWorld parks and for some people who want to use the amazing relationship techniques that SeaWorld has developed to work with animals in their daily life.

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