SeaWorld Podcast Ep 25 - The SeaWorld San Antonio Review - Roa's Aviary and Superfan event


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Everything is bigger in Texas, and that is true for this podcast episode. This episode we travel to SeaWorld San Antonio as the SeaWorld podcast crew explores the brand new attraction Roa's Aviary at Aquatica San Antonio.

Mike talks with SeaWorld San Antonio VP of Zoological operations Chris Bellows as they talk about what makes this aviary special, and what special precautions SeaWorld took on to make sure the birds were safe and comfortable in their new home.

Erin talks to Dan Decker SeaWorld San Antonio park president about the amazing new Sea of Surprises and some of the new shows at SeaWorld Texas for the 50th Celebration.

Eric talks with Kaitlyn Goudge about the new Aquatica Dream Suite at the Omni Colonnade and how she came up with the design, and why kids of all ages will love it!

Then we introduce a brand new SeaWorld San Antonio segment with SeaWorld superfan Austin! Then we have a new Busch Gardens update from our friends at

Then Mike brings us a new Seaworld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Spotlight, and Erin brings us a new animal spotlight on Beluga Whales.

We also reccap the amazing Super Fan event that happened at SeaWorld Texas, and we all share our feelings about how we fell in love with that amazing park!

So put on your wetsuit and dive in, and enjoy this brand new episode of the unofficial SeaWorld podcast!

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