SeaWorld Podcast Ep 32 - New Years Eve Preview - Killing Keiko Roundtable and more


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Welcome to the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast episode 32 where we talk about some big stories.

We first discuss the big corporate changes that happened at all the SeaWorld Parks. Eric, Erin and Mike talk about jim Atchison's new role as Vice Chairman of the Board, the new appointments, what we can anticipate to see with a new CEO. The USWP team also offers their sincere apologize to any of the 311 people who were laid off.

Erin announces that the USWP will be holding a meet up on New Years Eve at SeaWorld Orlando. Visit our Facebook page to learn details and RSVP

Mike brings us a new SeaWorld-Busch Gardens conservation fund and shares a story about a wildlife triage center that is located here in America.

Erin brings us a new Animal Spotlight, where she talks about some amazing adapations that the Manatee has, and shares a story about a manatee that found itself in Texas.

Mike introduces a new segment called "SeaWorld Roundtable" where we talk about the book "Killing Keiko" by Mark Simmons and how we were all emotionally impacted by this story.

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