SeaWorld Podcast Ep 34 - Wild Days with Julie Scardina and Chuck Cureau


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In Ep 34 the Unofficial Seaworld Podcasts hosts Eric, Erin and Mike spend time talking about the incredible Wild Days Weekends at SeaWorld Orlando and San Antonio.

Eric goes live on location to SeaWorld Orlando where he talks with SeaWorld's Animal Ambassador Julie Scardina about the Penguin Lovers Weekend and the plight of penguins in the wild. Julie also shares why trainer talks are so important.

Erin talks about the Wild Days offerings at SeaWorld San Antonio. Austin then goes live on locaiton at SeaWorld San Antonio where he talks with Chuck Cureau about Wild Days at SeaWorld San Antonio and what he hopes guests take away from their Wild Days experience.

The podcast crew talks about news at SeaWorld parks with Praise Wave, free books, animal rescues and free admission for teachers in Texas.

Mike has a brand new SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund Spotlight on SANCOBB a non-profit in South Africa that works to protect penguins in South Africa.

Erin brings us a Bindi Irwin focused animal spotlight on the Kookaburra and the plight of the native animals.

We end the show with two fan voicemails one from Patrick and one from Joseph. We are thrilled to celebrate 2 years of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast!

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