Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast #5 - Antarctica preview at SeaWorld Orlando with 2 exclusive interviews


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We are excited to bring you episode 5 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast. This month we have two exciting podcasts for you; this podcast which is pre-Antarctica, where we talk about all the latest news, rumors, and construction updates about Antarctica, and a second one that will be post launch of this marvelous addition to the SeaWorld attraction family.

Featured in this episode we are thrilled to have as guests two very exciting people who we have managed to get exclusive interviews with; the first is with SeaWorld Orlando’s VP of Culinary Operations and the second exciting interview is with the Assistant Curator of Birds.They will be tantalizing us with delicious hints of the new food treats to come with the opening of Antarctica, as well as giving us insights and fascinating facts about penguins, the heroes of SeaWorld Orlando’s newest and most innovative ride to date, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins.

We also have Joseph Taylor discussing SeaWorld San Diego, including updates on upcoming shows and construction news. Of course we also cover animal rescues this month, including the rescue of an adorable Manatee pup in Florida and the most recent updates on the record numbers of rescued Sea Lion’s this year.

Let’s get started with this latest addition of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast:

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