Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast Episode 12 - Why we love SeaWorld


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Welcome back to episode 12 of the Unofficial SeaWorld Podcast, in this epsidoe we talk about the History of SeaWorld San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio. We talk about why we love SeaWorld, and you should love SeaWorld too!

We interview former Dolphin and Orca Trainer Kyle Kittleson who now runs and he shares his journey from a kid in the stands to working with Orcas at One Ocea at SeaWorld Orlando.

We also hear from Super Fans, Hal, Becca and Jaci as they share the reasons why they love SeaWorld and how SeaWorld inspires them.

Erin aka SpacedOutShamu has her animal spotlight on Orcas, and why she loves SeaWorld!

This podcast is dedicated to all the hardworking people who make it possible for millions of people a year experience the SeaWorld parks, connect with animals, and learn how we need to protect our Oceans.

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