Episode 138: MAGIK EVENT DETAILS, New War Meta, Web Warrior Hype and more Patch 5.9 Details


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The final Update of 2021 is here and I discuss the good, bad and everything else with Mr Hartgrave.
We discuss the upcoming Magik Event, The New War Meta and more including:
Idiocy Continues 00:26
Magik Arrival 01:51
X-Men Now Relevant Again? 04:18
X-Men Meta War Punch-Ups 07:04
Star Lord T'Challa and Ravager Reworks 09:46
War Effects from 2 NEW Offense Teams 12:44
Web Warriors Hype level 15:47
Best NEW Character to Red Star 18:33
Spider Punk Event, Other Release Methods? 22:24
1400 Core and Ikaris Store Fiasco 27:59
Best New Costumes 31:43
Hawkeye "Hawkguy" Costume Update 34:30
Minor QOL Changes from 5.9 35:46
Mysterious "Knowhere Heist" Tag 37:02
Bug Fixes and President Loki back 39:59
New Strike Pass with more value? 40:45
New Battle Pass with no character 42:45
Magik Event Datamine 44:08
Hawkeye Episode 3 Discussion (SPOILER ALERT) 49:52
Final Thoughts 53:58
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