S2E01 Talking Stage Problems with the Engineering Club (Season Opener Special)


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Welcome to the VFP Season Two baby! The Engineering Club is back live in this episode with another very interesting topic regarding talking stage of a relationship. What is the difference of talking stage and courting stage? How important is raising questions during this stage of building a relationship? Why are they suggesting on managing your "rupok" levels and not fall very early in the process? How is the Western dating culture differs with the Asian culture and how does it matter regarding the do's and dont’s of talking stage? How do you introduce someone to your Asian parents with the understanding that you both are still the talking stage? And how important is communication and setting the right expectations for dealing with the other half during the talking stage? Let us hear Vanessa, Malaya, Clint and Arvin talk about this confusing stage of the relationship and their unique relationship experiences and struggles.

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