Episode 17 - Pushyamitra Shunga, Buddhism and the Post Mauryan India


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In this episode we discuss about the origins and the birth of the Shunga Empire which was led by Pushyamitra Shunga, who was an army general/ military commander of the Mauryan State led by Brihadratha Maurya, the last ruler of the much weakened Mauryan dynasty. Post the demise of the Mauryan State, it is often alleged in some academic circles and by certain vested groups that the Buddhism declined post the end of Mauryan Empire, majority of which are speculations and theories. However, the historical evidences and accounts differ with regard to the same. Also, we discuss on what were the real reasons (as the accounts mentions) that the Buddhism fell in India.

To throw a light on this complex subject, we have with us Shri. Jay Vardhan Singh, who is a research scholar in ancient Indian history and his associated with one of the respected institutions of our country i.e. JNU.

You can follow Jay on Twitter @Jayvtweets and also do subscribe to his channel on Youtube which goes by the name of "Jay Vardhan Singh". He focuses on Indian History with his succinct videos while also providing evidences for the same from primary sources. Please see the link below for the same.


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