Summer Stories | The Big Story Of Scripture


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In the Summer, we are going to zoom in on some Bible characters from the Old Testament, looking at their stories, understanding how they relate to God's big story, and learning what that means for the unfolding story of our lives. Our world is a world of stories. We engage with stories almost every day through TV, books and other media. These stories are far more than entertainment. They shape our view of the world, and they give us a reference point for our unfolding story. As people of the Word, we have such a rich resource of ancient life stories that play a significant part in God's story. As they say: "history is His-story". Understanding this will help us to understand our own lives in the context of God's unfolding story and will also help us to more freely share our story with others, believing they can meet Christ in it. In this message, we look at the full story of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation.

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