Don't Tell Me What I Can or Can't Do with Megan Targett of VEXED


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Megan Targett of VEXED & I have a conversation about how she coped with 2020, her 1st beers, the soundtrack of her youth, her 1st shows, discovering her voice, keeping her voice healthy, Culling Culture, a dream release tour, how she has been filling the void, a VEXED brew & her hangover cure.

Throughout this interview, Megan enjoyed a "Ultra Blue" Sugar Free Monster Energy while I enjoyed La Souche Stoneham 's "Gose Vie Sale". This special edition version was brewed with Maison Orphée salt & Distillerie Stadaconé Gin Aromatics which are typically used in their Black Gin such as Spicy & Floral Tasmanian Berries & Galanga! This unique brew poured out with a pitch black veil, smashed wild herbs on the nose & ripped a salty sour refreshing finish. It clocked in with a 4% ABV.

Make sure to check out Vox&Hops' Brewtal Awakenings Playlist which has been curated by the Metal Architect Jerry Monk himself on either Spotify or Apple Music. This playlist is packed with all the freshest, sickest & most extreme albums each week!!!

Photo Credit: Andy Ford

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