Veterans Day Special: U.S. Navy Vet Dave Munro of Air Traffic Controller Up Close and Personal


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Listen to Dave Munro tell the story of "Jimmy", a song he penned for his Vietnam War veteran Father-In-Law "Jimmy"
Host Johnny Punish brings on U.S. Navy Veteran Dave Munro, songwriter, musician, and member of the band Air Traffic Controller.
Together they discuss the band's newest drop set for Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2022, and how his service to the country influenced him. With a special guest appearance by Dave's father-in-law Jimmy, a Vietnam Veteran whose service in a combat zone was troubled by two aircraft crashes. "Jimmy" is one of the songs on the latest album by Air Traffic Controller that gets released on Nov 11, 2022, Veterans Day. It was written about Jimmy's treacherous experiences in Vietnam and how he overcame all the obstacles.
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