EP. #142: Why you choose instant gratification over long-term joy and how to stop


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Do you unconsciously sabotage your efforts to reach your long-term weight loss goals by choosing instant gratification from food over the long-term joy of achieving your goals?

You’ve probably heard of self-sabotage, right? There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

When you continue to engage in a habit that isn’t good for you, like one that is counterproductive to your weight loss efforts, it is because there is an unconscious or subconscious unmet emotional need that you’re fulfilling by continuing that behavior.

You’re trying to give yourself what you think you need at the moment to feel better, but you really aren’t.

You see, you don’t really need food under those circumstances. Food can’t fill that emotional void.

But you eat so you don’t have to feel your feelings.

Here’s the problem: what you’re giving yourself in the form of immediate gratification is moving you in the opposite direction from what you really want even more: to experience the true joy of achieving a bigger, more important goal, like being a healthier weight.

Listen to learn how to choose long-term joy over the instant gratification of eating.

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