Ep. 146: Guided Emotional Eating Meditation


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Do you eat to escape from uncomfortable feelings?

Dan Emmons wisely said, “What most needs attention is the part of us that we seek to avoid feeling. When we attend to that, we change and the world changes with us.”

When you think about it, emotional eating is avoiding feeling. Avoiding YOUR feelings. Your feelings are your body’s way of telling you important messages.

Eating to avoid your feelings is really using food as a drug.

You briefly take away one discomfort--whatever uncomfortable feelings you’re experiencing--and create the long-term discomfort of not dealing with whatever is causing those feelings, plus you get the added discomfort of gaining weight and the possibility of consequential health issues.

This week’s podcast episode is a guided emotional eating meditation to help you learn to be with your emotions and manage them in a healthy way, rather than eating to avoid them.

It will help you practice being with difficult emotions and thoughts in an open, allowing, and accepting way.

Listen to this guided meditation when you want to eat because you’re feeling uncomfortable emotions. When you’re feeling frustration, stress, anger, fear or whatever.

There’s no theme music, just a very short introduction, so get into a comfortable position, preferably in a quiet place, relax and listen!

Then celebrate allowing your emotions to move through you without eating!

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