EP. #170: Why Do I Weigh This Much When I Don’t Eat That Much!


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Do you think it’s unfair that you keep gaining weight even though you think you don't eat more than your slimmer friends?

When I was about 50 pounds heavier, that’s what I thought.

But I was wrong, and you may be, too.

When I was in weight-gaining mode, I didn’t realize it, but I overate often.

That’s why my weight kept going up.

That’s why most people’s weight goes up. Overeating.

I know this might not be what you want to hear, but there’s a good chance that if you weigh more than is healthy or comfortable for you, you’re probably eating more than you realize. And you’re eating more than your body needs to be at your healthy weight.

You see, 96% of people who gain unwanted weight do so because they overeat. Yup, no big secret there, except that so many of us don’t realize how often we overeat or how much. While some people may gain weight for other health reasons, for most of us, we’re just eating too much.

Plain and simple.

Tune in to learn the two ways people overeat, the most common excuses for overeating, and what you can do to stop overeating and lose weight without dieting.

Check out the free resources available on my website, and start learning how to lose weight without dieting by changing HOW and WHY you are eating!

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