EP. #177: How Can I Love Myself When My Body Looks Like This?


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Does the idea of loving yourself and your body while you’re working to lose weight seem counterintuitive to you?

Why would you want to change your body if you already loved it?

Your body does so much for you. It allows you to experience life on earth!

It carries you around, lets you feel and express love, hug people, and so many more things that it would be silly for me to attempt to list them all.

Your body works hard for you, and always tries to support you.

Even if you are struggling with health issues, your body is trying to do the best it can.

So why are so many of us at war with our bodies? Why do we take them for granted?

Have you ever wondered where you got the idea that your body isn’t okay in the first place?

When you were a small child, you didn’t dislike your body, did you?

Do you value thin and small in other things in your life? Do you like skinny cats or dogs or horses? You’d probably be worried about the health of your pet if it were as skinny as a fashion model.

I can guess where you got the idea of how your body should look–from diet culture! And from a diet industry that makes money from convincing you that your body is not acceptable, while selling you ways to change it that don’t work long-term.

Tune in to learn the importance of learning to appreciate your body right now for both your happiness and to facilitate your weight loss success, and learn seven things you can do to appreciate and accept the body you have.

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