EP. #179: How to Defuse Thoughts that Keep You Stuck


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Does your brain make lots of excuses for you to eat when you aren’t hungry, undermining your weight loss efforts? Excuses like:

“I had a hard day and deserve this,” or,

“I’ve been so good all day.”

We talk about thoughts a lot in this podcast.

Some thoughts are happy and some aren’t.

Some are helpful, and some aren’t.

But the fact is that they’re just thoughts.

And there are two things that thoughts aren’t:

  1. Who we are. We aren’t our thoughts. We’re the observers of our thoughts.
  2. Always true. We tend to assume that our thoughts are true.

Most of us fully buy into what our thoughts are telling us, and we let them run around our minds like a toddler with a knife.

Do you let your thoughts direct your actions and choices without really questioning them?

If you have thoughts that seem to sabotage your efforts, stay tuned to learn how you can “defuse” those unhelpful thoughts and make choices that help you achieve your weight goals!

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