Many Ways to Lose Weight, Only One Way to Keep it Off


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You’ve heard many times that diets don’t work.

Do you disagree? You’ve tried a bunch of diets, and maybe you lost some weight on at least one of them.

But then what happened? I’m guessing that you gained the weight back. Am I right?

When I say that diets don’t work, I mean diets don’t produce permanent weight loss.

Sure, you can go on whatever the latest fad diet is and drop some weight. Maybe you’ve even reached your goal once or twice.

But you don’t stay on the diet for the rest of your life.

You go back to eating the way you always did. And then what happens?

The same thing that always happened. You gain it back.

Because the diet doesn't fix the problem that caused you to gain weight, and you’ve made no permanent changes to how and why you’re eating.

When you start a new diet, do you think about how you’re going to keep the weight off?

When I was a dieter, I assumed that once I’d lost the weight, I’d be so happy to be thinner that it would be my incentive to not gain the weight back.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Listen to learn the only way to both lose weight AND keep it off.

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