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Howdy Hey, WGSTS Listeners & Sharers! Happy June … The most expensive month of the freakin’ year. As always, thanks for listening and sharing and suggesting shit to speak about. If you want to share or say more, drop a line to

Let’s GO:

  • Occasionally, you’ll put on your leggings backwards. If your gut and butt are the same’ish size, carry on about your business.
  • Trust me when I say it’s important to wear bottoms when cleaning with certain products. Chemical Crotch is not what you want.
  • Regular folks are thirsting for the irregular folk all of a sudden. While more women are adding these weather changing eyelashes to their face and getting knock off BBLs, guys are beginning to opt out and looking for the low key ladies. My regular guy friends are finding that they’re being sought after by irregular’ish folks, too. Like a friend’s boyfriend!
  • Understand that all relationships are temporary and seasonal, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a raggedy ass friend/partner while you’re in it. Do good. And then do better!
  • Graduation and wedding season and bbq spectaculars are now upon us. Be a considerate host and guest. Take into account folks are trying to pay for summer camps, gas, bikini waxes, and sanity sessions with a therapist. Don’t make your event one that they’re compromising their budget’s for!


Trying this:

CVS didn’t have Dr. Bronners Peppermint Body Wash, so I went with this Bull Dog brand. Dig it!

Play Pits Deodorant is now in Target:

Y’all be easy out there! Be irregular or regular…whatever that means to you.

I do not own the rights to the art.


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